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Chicago Style
Double Crust Deep Dish

Our double crust deep dish pizza standing tall at 2 inches with inverted layers of cheese (lots of it!), topped with different veggies followed by another layer of crust and finally topped with our proprietary San Marzano tomato sauce

Signature Vienna Style Thin Crust

In our quest to serve the community with the highest quality food, we have developed a uniquely flaky crust pizza that depicts a croissant. The flaky crust is a testament to the skill of our dough makers and the perfect union of flavourful ingredients. As the only Pizzeria in town that offers this unique crust, our Signature thin crust is perfect for those looking for something special. Our signature thin crust pizza is made with the freshest ingredients and is perfect for any pizza lover.


Menu Favourites

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About Us

In Pizza We Crust: A lockdown story you must read! 

Food tells a story, it brings people together, creates memories, and when the food in question is pizza it becomes directly synonymous with happiness. This pandemic has re-asserted and amplified the pleasures of small joys and following one’s true passions. Pass The Salt is a story of self discovery, delivering joy and bringing world experiences closer to home through a culinary lens. 

Pass The Salt brings Chicago’s famous ‘Deep Dish Style’ pizza for the first time to Mumbai in a home delivery model. What’s even more unique is our super flaky, croissant like crust, which inspires the tagline: Crusted since 2020. We are all about delivering the crispiest, lightest crusts, be it Chicago style or Vienne style, smeared in a secret sauce (yes you can choose from 2 different options), loaded with locally sourced toppings and cheese. 

Founded by a Husband-Wife duo, Pass the Salt is a classic lockdown business story. What started as a kitchen experiment soon grew into a home-business which imploded into a chic cloud kitchen that now delivers pan-Mumbai. With the assurance of non-soggy, crisp pizza always, be rest assured of a wholesome and soul-satisfying meal. 

Despite not having any background or formal education in the food or hospitality industry, this vivacious couple has taken the leap and transitioned from their family business and thriving job to starting a new venture and pursuing their dreams. Crust us when we say, this pizza is nothing like anything you’ve tried before! 

About US
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